Big leaps for Big outcomes in a Better future.

INQA Digital is a next-generation agency that helps you assure the big leaps needed to future-proof your business and ensure long-term profitability.

Big leaps are risky, but risk can be managed. We help you find your best big leaps and take them more effectively using a combination of scalable products and professional services, leading to higher success rates with fewer resources at risk.

Born for Big Leaps

In an accelerating world, catching up playing the same game as your competition is impossible. Just like when your organization was just born, you need big pivots to ensure survival. Only big leaps in new directions help you become a future-proof market leader.

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Why we take Big Leaps more effective

In a lot of places in life, 20% of input causes 80% of output. Like 20% of criminals that commit 80% of crimes, and 20% of all factories cause 80% of pollution. This 80/20 principle also applies to a lot of business scenarios. 20% of clients often generate around 80% of revenue, and 20% of work generates 80% of results.

At INQA, effectiveness is at the heart of what we do. This is why we do consulting focussed on what makes the most impact, and provide you with a cost-effective way to get the rest of the work done using issue-based products tailored to your needs. This results in a new capability to make Big Leap investments more interesting.

Bapacho Case Study

Koninklijke Zeelandia Groep (KZG) is an independent international producer of ingredients for bakers and patisseries. With their headquarters in Zierikzee, Zeelandia employs about 3,000 people worldwide.

Together with KZG, we started the first steps in their digital leap by creating an online platform for bakers, patisseries and chocolatiers to help them grow their online presence, add a new sales channel and keep functioning throughout the 2020 and beyond.

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INQA is a next-generation agency that is making their own big leap to becoming a fast-growing agency helping clients from all over the world make big leaps.

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