My Zeelandia.
Digitalizing a B2B sales channel.

Client: Koninklijk Zeelandia Group b.v. (KZG)

KZG is an independent international producer of ingredients for bakers and patisseries. With their headquarters in Zierikzee, Zeelandia employs about 3,000 people worldwide.

The Challenge

Zeelandia feels the need to become more digital for their clients. Right now there is high dependency between sales and clients, that is not empowering sales. Local solutions do not generate synergies across countries on data.

The brief

We were asked to design and develop a digital solution for bakers and sales reps to connect and educate themselves, without threatening human connection.

The Result

My Zeelandia app.

A digital tool that celebrates human interaction, increases customer loyalty, optimizes sales, generates insights and shares knowledge.

Meet My Zeelandia

The Process

Phase 1.0: Design Sprint

In phase 1.0 for My Zeelandia, we applied the GV Design Sprint methodology to investigate the sweet spot that connects Bakers, Sales Reps and Zeelandia: finding the perfect Product/ Customer Fit and creating value for the baker. We spent 5 days brainstorming and designing in workshops with all the stakeholders actively involved and participating online from 3 different locations. On the last day our prototype was tested with our clients.

The Process

Phase 2.0: Development

Based on the GV Design Sprint outcome, our development team took over. My Zeelandia app was built lean and rapidly. The development team was continuously connected with all stakeholders: customers and users, as the Agile framework was applied in order to create a human-centric and valuable user outcome. The app and web panel implemented are poweful and easily scalable. My Zeelandia is available in Appstore and Google Play

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