What we do

INQA Digital drives value & growth by helping our clients build new digital experiences

We co-create and work with our clients to deliver world-class outcomes.

We deliver excellence from start to finish

Digital innovation is what drives us. From strategy to managed services and everything in between. We help you where you need us most.

INQA Digital has a great team of experienced consultants that can help you design your digital strategy. Are you just starting out? Or you have the basics in order but you want to do a deep-dive to make things more concrete? We can facilitate anything from strategy workshops to complete strategy design. 

Example deliverables: Workshops,  (internal) Interviews, Maturity Assessment, Road map, short / long-term strategy, Implementation Approach 

Before (re-) designing an experience, the Service Design team of INQA Digital starts with the problem. We get to the core of the problem, analyze existing solutions (if any) and come up with alternative solutions. We match this qualitative research with a quantative analysis to come up with the best solution for you as a client. After all, the ideal solution can differ from organization to orgnanization.


that fosters empathy, lateral thinking and creativity, builds problem-solving confidence with a hand-ons attitude while eliminating the fear of failure.

Example deliverables:  Interviews, Worshops, Personas, Decision-Making Matrix, High-Level Product Overview


Based on the findings of the design-thinking phase, we start with our “pressure cookers”. In a very short period of time we create high-level designs and prototypes of the end-product. This allows us to do quick tests to see if we are going in the right direction. In this phase we can make use of for example crowd-testing and validation interviews.

The best part about this phase is that we learn a lot which helps us in defining the user stories for the actual product delivery. 

Example Deliverables: Low fidelity prototypes, Business Model Canvas, Value Map, customer journey, opportunity scoring.

Minimum Lovable Products – we build a working solution that delivers the most important business values.

We work in sprints of 3 weeks. In these sprints we design parts of the product, build and test them. Prioritisation and fast iterations based on end-user / customer feedback ensures we only build what matters.

The product owner is key in this phase of the project. Typically, this is an experienced person from our clients organization.

Example Deliverables: Working Experience

Are you looking to scale up your MVP? Create more business value with your digital product, or do you want to roll out your solution to a larger group of users (i.e. multi-regions)? INQA can help you to position your product in the market, improve usage levels and increase customer satisfaction. 

Example deliverables: End-user trainings, (digital) marketing services, implementation approach, roll-out plans and execution.

INQA will support you from project mode to business as usual mode. By automating (regression) testing, processes and implementing a Dev-Ops organization (internal or external), you will keep your digital product stable.

Example deliverables: Automated testing approach + implementation, setting up Dev-Ops organization

Once your product is in the air, you want your products to be used. For your digital product to gain traction (whether it’s internal, B2B or B2C), it needs be stable and the word needs to be spread.  

The INQA Digital team can deliver marketing-as-a-service. Think of SEO or SEA services, Social Media Managers or Analytics Reporting – All under flexible contracts to suit your needs.

With our Dev-Ops teams we monitor the performance of your digital products, fix bugs and develop new feature requests. We also implement fully automated testing and reporting.

Are you looking for interim professionals? We’d happily make one of our professionals available to support your teams during the transition to digital. For a few weeks up to a few months. 

Case studies

Have a look into the amazing projects we have completed
INQA Digital - Digital Marketing

INQA Digital was involved in the Bapacho project from beginning to start. In the middle of the global pandemic of 2020, our team worked 100% remote to make Bapacho the most intuitive and easy platform that allows “Bakeries, Patisseries and Chocolatiers” to connect with their current and new clients through their own online shop.

From merchant interviews to the creation of buyer personas, the development of the platform and the setup of a Dev-Ops team incl. customer service, we worked side-by-side with our client and are now live in 5 countries.

Let us help you build your digital brand

There are few things we get more excited about than to launch new digital products! Is your organization in the early stages of the transition to digital, or are you simply looking for a team of professionals to work on one of your latest projects? We are here for you!