Meiyume is a global retail solutions provider with many years’ experience in the personal care industry, offering product and retail solutions to beauty companies.

The Challenge: 

To bring together several internal IT-systems, into one customer-facing product with a clear mission and vision. Make the best out of the retail store experience.

The brief

We were asked to transform an internally used tool into a commercial service that assists brand companies, merchandisers, and retailers to collaborate better. At a second level we helped our client learn more and gain insights by research calls with customers.

The Result

A POS digital management tool, co-created with our client. The product roadmap was shaped by research conducted with all stakeholders and defined in terms of vision and mission. 

3 key points of this project

Clear product vision and roadmap

Digital communication

Customer Validation

The Process

Phase 1.0: Discovery

In the Discovery phase 1.0 for OneHome, we conducted ethnographic research to develop the product roadmap and create several customer personas. In parallel, our development team did the code review. The results shaped the service blueprint.

" The design challenge was to simplify in one live file for all employees and companies involved, the complexity and everlasting change of the retail supply chain. "
Anastasia 800x600
Anastasia Masadi
Design Director

Phase 2.0: Prototype

In the Prototyping phase we investigated the product vision, created the future service blueprint and conducted part of the Google Design Sprint. Based on these workshops we came up with a Proof of Concept for the virtual plannogram of OneHome, which was shared among the stakeholders. The front-end proof of concept was created by our developers’

" I like the overall complexity of the project from a product-design perspective. On the PoC part, I am thrived by building new things and trying to overdeliver on features, also in early stages."
Wouter - INQA Digital
Wouter Helmond

Phase 3.0: Set up & Strategy

In Phase 3.0 our Marketing team takes up and validates the hypotheses based on the customer personas that we helped our client define on the discovery phase. We used qualitative research to get insights and find the right messages for OneHome customers. All marketing efforts are aligned with Business development.

"We defined our target audience and took a deep dive into what messaging resonated most with the segment of people we wanted to reach. "
Koen - INQA Digital
Koen Vegter

Phase 4.0: Growth Execution

Our copywriters and creatives launch the social media channels and set up a plethora of email funnels. The goal is to address the right segments with the right messages, experiment with different channels to grow the client base and optimize the brand experience in the store. 

" Daily struggles and ways to solve them was described on a two-day co-creation workshop. A lot of interesting outcome shaped the growth strategy for our client."
Rick Aarsman

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