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INQA Digital is your end-to-end big leap partner offering a full range of products and services to help you move to a better future. Our speciality is in future-proofing businesses for long-term profitability. Wish to learn more about how we can help you?

Finding Big leaps for your business

To find your next big leap needed to future-proof your business, a clear understanding of emerging change is needed. INQA has a constant focus on impacting trends and technologies to help its clients spot new opportunities and next big bet projects.

Most organizations focus on a too short horizon when planning for the future. INQA aims to make organizations future-proof for the long-term and puts this longer view at the heart of strategy development.

Making big bets with the money you make today has risks, we understand. However, a recipe for failure is moving too slow at all.

Next big bets need to be timed to understand what humans need. Using design thinking to put people at the heart of our big bets helps us de-risks propositions.

Included in your next big bets is intergenerational fairness. Taking into account the world of tomorrow in everything we do helps us make organizations more sustainable and responsible for next generations.

INQA drives complete digital transformations by bringing together the capabilities needed to help organizations grow more effectively and thrive in the digital age.

INQA makes brands and businesses grow by transforming their playing field, building digital propositions and optimizing pricing and conversion.

INQA helps organizations leverage Information Technology and bring the right resources to achieve business objectives effectively.

INQA helps you leap to the front lines of sustainability and responsibility, helping you measure and make an impact on climate change or social causes.

We deliver excellence from start to finish

Case studies

Have a look into the amazing projects we have completed
INQA Digital - Digital Marketing

INQA Digital was involved in the Bapacho project from beginning to start. In the middle of the global pandemic of 2020, our team worked 100% remote to make Bapacho the most intuitive and easy platform that allows “Bakeries, Patisseries and Chocolatiers” to connect with their current and new clients through their own online shop.

From merchant interviews to the creation of buyer personas, the development of the platform and the setup of a Dev-Ops team incl. customer service, we worked side-by-side with our client and are now live in 5 countries.

Why we take Big Leaps more effective

In a lot of places in life, 20% of input causes 80% of output. Like 20% of criminals that commit 80% of crimes, and 20% of all factories cause 80% of pollution. This 80/20 principle also applies to a lot of business scenarios. 20% of clients often generate around 80% of revenue, and 20% of work generates 80% of results.

At INQA, effectiveness is at the heart of what we do. This is why we do consulting focussed on what makes the most impact, and provide you with a cost-effective way to get the rest of the work done using issue-based products tailored to your needs. This results in a new capability to make Big Leap investments more interesting.

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