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Client: Koninklijk Zeelandia Group b.v. (KZG)

KZG is an independent international producer of ingredients for bakers and patisseries. Their headquarters in Zierikzee, Zeelandia employ about 3,000 people worldwide.

The Challenge

Create an online platform for bakers, patisseries and chocolatiers to help them grow their online presence, add a new sales channel and keep functioning throughout the 2020 and beyond.

Meet Bapacho

The brief

An effective platform to help bakers through the 2020 crisis and 
increase the digital footprint of the bakery and patisserie industry.


Accessible in local languages and always in English.

Easily Scalable

A solution that's easy to roll-out worldwide, to all Zeelandia's countries.

Different platforms

Customer front-end, Merchants back-end, sales-agent portal and customer support portal.

Freemium solution

A powerful free solution for all bakers, plus premium, paid add-ons.


A hyperlocal solution for local bakers and their customers.

Website & App

The best user experience across different media, fully optimized and responsive.

The Result

A powerful and scaleable platform developed and going live in 7 countries, in a few months. B2B and B2C marketing plan, with onboarding tools for merchants and a go-to-market strategy.

We are proud!

Bapacho is off to a flying start. In the first wave, we brought the solution to 7 countries.

An effective collaboration between the INQA Digital team, the Zeelandia HQ team, the local Zeelandia marketeers and sales agents and the onboarded bakers ensured a successful launch of the platform. More and more bakers are actively working on their shops, and the first consumers are finding their way to the website and the app.

Live countries
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Onboarded Merchants
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"I'm so proud we brought this from an idea to brand-new platform in such a short time."
Suzanne - INQA Digital
Suzanne van den Erf
Marketing Lead & Product owner - bapacho Project

The Process

Service Design

In the service design phase for Bapacho, we conducted several workshops to find our target customer. We developed several consumer and baker personas, matching with their respective customer journeys that were used in all marketing efforts.

" In the early service design stage, we started with the customer. Listening to their needs & problems in research, then synthesised into personas and co-create in workshops together with our clients. "
Anastasia 800x600
Anastasia Masadi
Design Director

The Process

Rapid Prototyping

Based on the findings of the service design phase, we start with our “pressure cookers”. In a very short period of time we create high-level designs and prototypes of the end-product. This allows us to do quick tests to see if we are going in the right direction. In this phase we can make use of crowd-testing.


"The best thing about rapid prototyping is the speed of the feedback."
Wouter - INQA Digital
Wouter Helmond
Full-stack developer

We don’t just develop. We only develop with purpose and based on a validated design. The rapid prototyping phase is perfect to gather feedback. We create mock-ups and clickable prototypes based on the service design phase. These mock-ups and prototypes generate invaluable feedback and help us to continuously refine our customer journey and, consequently, the user stories we use for the build of the product. 

The Process

Product Delivery

To deliver the digital product, we work in sprints of 2-4 weeks. In these sprints we define, design, build and test parts of the product. Prioritization and fast iterations based on client feedback make sure we only build what matters at that moment.


The Product Owner

The product owner is key in this phase of the project.  Typically, this is an experienced person in the clients team that really “owns” the product. This person is key in prioritization of features to make sure the digital product is ready for market as soon as possible. On request, INQA Digital can provide an interim, dedicated product owner.

" We implemented automated testing to ensure the stability of the platform at all times."
Nisha 800x600
Nisha Balakrishnan
Quality Assurance Engineer

The Process


After bringing live the Minimum Viable Product, we started the roll-out to an initial 2 countries: Romania and Greece. Our roll-out manager was in daily contact with the local marketing teams, the websites were fully translated and User Acceptance Tests were organized and held. 

After the initial roll-out to Greece and Romania, the team developed an industrial implementation approach which made it easier to roll-out to the next countries. 

The Process


With 7 local versions of the platform live, it was time to start bringing Bapacho to the public! While keeping in mind the early phase of the platform, INQA Digital always makes sure to lay the foundations for a scalable marketing approach.  We started with small, localized marketing activities offering the possibility to test and learn without huge budgets. Another great example of the hyperlocal approach: a great combination between local marketing efforts through merchant activation & global marketing and branding through social media, content marketing and SEO.

The marketing approach


Every country has their own website in their language (+ an English version). Part of the hyperlocal approach is to have country-specific social media channels and blogs.

Merchant activation

The key to success in the early phase of this platform. Activating the key clients first, would lead to converting their offline consumers to online.

POS Materials

In the early phase, we focused on Point of Sale materials to activate consumers. The pilot merchants were very motivated and eager to share with them their new sales channel.

Content Marketing

We focus on creating a relevant, steady stream of website visitors. This is why we strategically developed SEO friendly content on online channels.


Great on-page SEO, content-rich landing pages were launched to enhance the hyperlocal marketing efforts, bringing traffic and sales to the merchants.

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